Children's Discovery Academy of Orting

"Teachers who love to teach will teach children to love learning."



Meet Your Teachers

As a leading provider of Early Childhood Education, we take pride in offering a quality preschool experience. Children's Discovery Academy is dedicated to serving the needs of our students each and every day.

Director/ Lead Teacher:  Ms. Maureen is a highly qualified teacher who has been working in the field of early learning for over 15 years. Ms. Maureen has a degree in Early Childhood Care and Education as well as a National Certificate from the Council of Professional Recognition, known as an

 Child Development Associate Credential in Preschool.

Mrs. Maureen has also worked with the Sumner School District to teach Ready! Classes to the Sumner community as well as JumpStart, a program designed to help children entering Kindergarten be successful in their academic career.

Lead Teacher: Jennifer Swope completed her internship and training at Children's Discovery Academy the spring of 2016 and is now the Lead Teacher for the Sprouts program at CDA.  Mrs. Jenn loves science and exploration and the wonder in a child's eye when they have that "lightbulb" moment!

Lead Teacher: Danae' Windbeckler  specializes in working with our younger 3-4 year olds!  She is patient and kind with every child.

Early Care and Education Degree Earned!

Commitment to continued education and growth!